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Christus Resurrexit

by The CTZN Collective

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This project is to aid in the celebration and focus on our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that as you listen you are as encouraged as we were listening.


released April 18, 2014

I am Barabbas
Funeral ft. Dwayne Reed (produced by Swoope)
Abba Father ft. Dwayne Reed (produced by Swoope)
Born to be



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The CTZN Collective Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: I am Barabbas
Decipha: I'm born into trouble, stirring up nuisance, I was branded mischievous, my whole family knew it, pen and that pad give me that paper but never for music, rap sheet so long I'm mixing up Crimes of things I was accused/ you see I'ma notorious, criminal, swindler breaking the law, now they clapping and chantin they know that if I go down that mean all of us fall, I am Barabbas, check out my scars, I am Barabbas I bleed from the heart, hol up, I am barabbas ain't nothin is average a rebel stemming from my very deoxy-ribo- nucleic acid/ I am Barabbus (you said that already) I'm playing my cards, while he's letting me walk, I'm blazing the charts on account of him taking the fault//

Kareem: I am Barabbas, Lets get that established. You know my status and tactics I really don't see why your clapping. Someone tell me what happened, why would ya'll trade me, should it be ok with me? Is stupidity or bravery? Ya'll tripping I'm finna whip him like its slavery/ I don't care who the victim, I'm finna stick em like its penicillin/ Civilian or a pilgrim it don't really matter because I'm still a villain. Never fearing the sword but who is the Jesus? Who gave me my freedom, they say he's the Lord. Sure deaths my reward, but he took it and he didn't say word/ took a death that he didn't deserve, then he rose and third? Who would die for their enemies, paid the fine but he wasn't a friend to me, I was dying but because of him I'm living free people really blind if they don't even see

I am Barabbas
Track Name: Funeral ft. Dwayne Reed
Kareem: Face beaten in, impossible to recognize
The weight every sin on his shoulders no excersice
Didn't deserve it, should've given worship but the whole crowd screaming crucify
You and I need to realize, Jesus death was gruesome but no illusions it was suicide
Gave himself, slayed himself, 3 days later saved everybody else
This is God in the flesh,
I wonder how he felt
To give himself for somebody like me
Never sinned, his reign will never end and still he felt the need to pay for my deeds
Explain that, I can't but I always try
Told me grab my cross daily I often die
Pride, haughty eyes, lips full of lies is who I was
In Jesus name every day a grave getting dug for me

Dwayne: Thank God for the funeral, It's by grace that he saved me
Its like vitamins and minerals, Got to do this thing daily
Muder my flesh, murder my flesh
Suicide this pride put my sin to death hey
The old me simply got to go

Decipha: Goodbye to the bad guy, no mourning in the morning,
I don't even hear the bagpipes or organs, no flags at half staff no recordings no chorus, but of course give a toast to the host and some horderves, who gave the corpse what he deserved, at his rest we observed we're in the progress of a fest and not a dirge, in fact nobody attended the funeral, but the birds, and as the service adjourns, you see faces of the ones whom it concerns, praises God the father for the purchase and the transfer, that noise you hear is foot stomping and hands up, see I don't mind getting excited when I think of how we're invited to the table of the one that is the answer, since it was I, who was rivaling tryin to compete with his grandeur, I say bye to the old guy no lie I throw my hands up, my new life in the beloved being beloved from where I came from, now I murder my flesh until breaths done//
Track Name: Abba Father ft. Dwayne Reed
Kareem: To society I was a bastard, God a lil rascal
School of life I'm trying to cut classes,
A natural disaster if you told me 20 years ago that I'd be a pastor boy Id be laughing
So what happened?
His grace is irresistible boy I tell you
Me being here is a miracle that's why I'm yelling
At anyone who will listen, until they get it
We was like orphan Annie, then Yahweh made us his family
And he loves us oh how he loves us.
In the end he will judge us but it's love cuz, what he does is give us his righteousness so we look just like him, invites us to life with him, be with Daddy in the light but friends
He doesn't turn a blind eye to sin
Because he cares
He still gives discipline but I'm not scared
Because he loves us oh how loves
We been adopted in the covenant all my sisters and brothers we be singing

Dwayne: Abba Father, Now we are sons and daughters
Abba Father that means I'm a child of God
Abba Father by grace we've been adopted
Abba .... Father repeat

Decipha: Still I'll no longer be an orphan, divorced and now I forfeit my courtship, or hand in marriage, I'm buried in the fog of what it cost us, the one who died burrows resurrected not a caucus/ and He adopted, Kal-el no Kevin Kosner, it's very common for a get an octave with his father, and be a coward, knowing if He brought us in this world he can take us out it/ and now the outfit, is fully just apart of when He found us, and made us what we is...or what we call it proper, cause nothing, of what we did made the Father adopt us/ I'm proud just to call Him daddy, poppa and my King, the royalty we get is that we live in Him and reign/ we rejoice like kids cause of a death like His, we resurrect like him we will never be estranged, we will never be the ashamed, cause forever we are changed transformed into a family of fame / no comparisons or even parallels can be attained or see His lane, not even His fairy tales can be explained and since He bought us and since He bought us now we rejoice we're unified with other sons and daughters/ because He loved us and we were called, none of us will ever fall back just because of who we are, and cause He loves us and we are called none of us will ever fall back because He is Father God//
Track Name: Born to be a King!
Decipha: Feel me when I'm illuminating the manner of the one who is superior in the bosom of the father never was invented, not even the elements of any element enough to carry the image of the ruler in His imminence and glow/ how is it we can miss him if He's coming in the midst of any area and territory ruling with the crown, When even his divinity's enough to make a many, have to give Him a qadowsh three times in a row oh oh/

I see the way they been deceived in the way, how many men comin up talkin bout believe what they say, when he was given as a benefactor the fact is the true version of king was born of a virgin/ verses, any efforts or might of these earth man, He living what you couldn't buy from a merchant, works in a person given to worthless men who were born and shaped in The dirt/

What a king, a feeling that he brings, never had to become, he the epitome being, all of heaven couldn't even contain that idea of being born subordinates...insane/

He make a mends though we all mistreated him, saving men though we all are leaving him, chose fruit so we're plucked from the root born to be King came as the truth:/

He's more than just an idea we were droppin quicker than an economy whenever somebody wanted be less than what he his, thinking that's it more, when it's only looking to the only source tell Benzino by his stripes we were healed/ said He died for the sins of the many, showing up on the scene, even for just one sinners is something to be considered every CTZN, point them to the king and show them what it mean like//

Chrous: Born to be a King, Born to be a King
Royalty in his bloodline, that bloodline is my lifeline
The King laid his life down for all his enemies
He died for sinners like me, He died for sinners like me

Kareem: Yeshua agreed to be bruised up, used up the Pharisees couldn't see that he was speaking the truth of him being the RULER, by which all life is measured they treasured all their rules but, they didn't REVERENCE the messenger from heaven... That's Confusion
He came seek the lost and bless the losers, conversations with satan the accuser, lucifer he knew those to be reknewed, but he's crucified put in a tomb his flesh was scarred his creation has decided to slay him but this is God
God- how could we ever go and do you wrong
God - we was created by your hands alone
God. Saved by your grace through faith alone,
Can't carry this cross I'm to weak Jesus make me strong
Born in a feeding tray for cattle, treated like an animal, hung on display that's the way you won the battle
Nothing good come from Nazareth, thanks to him I'm no longer barrabus dead now I'm alive I'm Lazarus


Bridge: Born as a lion, came as a lamb, hope for the many, savior to man, you ain't never seen a king as I am, every CTZN IS raisin they hand

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord